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QC Team

Our QC would check each process to ensure that all products meet the AQL standard before packaging. It is 100% checking in the production line. If the received items are acceptable, the QC Inspector will attach a PASSED Label to the items. Products from production to delivery through layers of quality inspection, product quality is guaranteed.

Our Advantages

With a number of detection machines

Ultraviolet accelerated weathering tester, Precision salt spray testing machine, Can be constant temperature and humidity box and other 6 different test machines. We will test the samples after we sample the samples. Make sure all details and features are right.

An International Team
with decades of Experience

Quality inspection relies not only upon using advanced digital equipment but also having highly trained personnel with years of experience. Our quality department holds a weekly meeting about product quality, content quality standards, quality processes, the use of quality inspection tools, and how to better serve customers.

Inspections and Review for
Every Stage of Production

To ensure quality from start to finish, WJM provides the following inspection and review                        services:

1:Extensive incoming materials verification

2:Know the every details customer want and need

3:Design for manufacturing files for all quotes provided

4:Manual inspection of product data and functionality

5:Check product characteristics and details with inspection machine

6:Check raw materials before production,

7:Check products and eliminate defective products in every process of production,

8:Check and eliminate defective products during packaging.

9:Our aim is to make our customers 100 percent satisfied

ISO Certification and
Visual Quality Standard

Committed to the continual improvement of our industry-leading quality control and quality assurance processes, we are fully certified and compliant with ISO9001,ISO14001,IATF16949, SGS,ROHS,REACH,FDA for silicone products.

Top equipment display


Can be constant temperature and humidity box

Test the adaptability of silicone products, parts and materials in storage, -40 degrees --150 degrees, transportation and use under high and low temperature alternating humid and hot environment; test products in high temperature and low temperature environment. Test whether the product is resistant to high and low temperature.

Precision salt spray testing machine

The salt spray test chamber can test the salt spray corrosion ability of the material and its protective layer, as well as the process quality comparison of similar protective layer, at the same time, it can test the salt spray corrosion resistance ability of some products.

Ultraviolet accelerated weathering tester

Ultraviolet accelerated aging test chamber uses ultraviolet light wave is easy to be absorbed by silicone or silicone products, accelerate the aging of silicone or silicone products. Aging shows fracture, cracking, strength reduction, discoloration, hardness enhancement, etc., so that its original function of elasticity, insulation, impermeability to water and air failure or even lead to greater loss. Ultraviolet aging test chamber uses fluorescent ULTRAVIOLET lamp as light source (UVA,UVB lamp source of different models), through simulating the ultraviolet radiation in natural sunlight and water spraying, condensation, accelerate the weathering resistance of silicone or silicone products material aging test, in order to obtain the results of silicone  material weather resistance report.

We have very strict control over
the production of products.

The enterprise has been pursuing ingenuity and is the object of cooperation worthy of the trust of every customer

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