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A Merry Christmas Celebration To All Our Customers And Workers

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The year is gradually coming to an end, and it is a time for different organizations and companies to recollect how eventful the year has been in their business.


For many, it was a great year of massive sales and profit, while for others it was the other way round. But for us in Shenzhen Weijiamei Silicone & Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd., it was no doubt a year that was full of so many opportunities with lots of business collaborations with our clients all over the world.


Most particularly, we have marked out this Christmas season as the perfect time to say a big thank you to all our customers from all around the world.


While we boast of a great business year in 2020, it could never be great without their patronage and faithfulness when it comes to purchasing wholesale case for iPhone from us.


On the other hand, their constructive criticism about some anomalies in our products and services have also served as one avenue through which we have made it this far, and have grown this big.

 Merry Christmas

In reality, words aren’t enough to say thank you to all our teeming clients and partners all around the world.


It is in regards to this high level of commitment to patronizing us and our products that the management of the company has agreed that some of our loyal customers should be appreciated with some Christmas bonuses and gift items.


With these items, we believe that we must have added a drop of joy and happiness to them as they celebrate this season of joy and sharing with their loved ones and family members.

 Merry Christmas

Similarly, the year would never have been a successful one for us without the collective effort and contribution of our staff and workers in different levels, categories and departments of the company.


We are really proud of the crop of worker we have in the company, because they are individuals who are goal-oriented and they give in their all the ensuring that the common goal of the company is achieved and sustained.

 Merry Christmas

In like manner, and in a way of saying thank you to our staff for a great year that is gradually winding up, all members of staff of the company was given end of the year incentives in the form of gift items in order of their ranks in the company.


With these items to both our customers and staff for their Christmas celebration, it is expected that their passion to service will be increased, and our customers love towards patronizing our premium products will also be increased.


With love and joy, all of us in Shenzhen Weijiamei Silicone & Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd are wishing all our staff and customers who buy wholesale case for iPhone from us a merry Christmas celebration and a prosperous new year ahead.


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