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Anti-lost Pet Locator Silicone Case With Hook Protector Cover Case For Air Tags

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In the old days, cats were bred to catch mice, and dogs were bred to watch the house. Now, with the development of society, there are many pet cats, pet dogs, and even pet pigs or other animals. We now have pets as more of a pleasure, and pets have become our soul mates.

For pet owners, pets are like children. Imagine if you lost your child, would you be at a loss? I'm sure it will. And the emergence of the Anti-lost Pet Locator,you can solve this problem.

However, it is also essential to choose a protective cover for your pet anti-loss locator. Well, as it happens, WJM may have a few more options for you.

 air tag case


Anti-lost Pet Locator Silicone Case With hook Protector Cover Case For Air Tags.It is durable, soft, soft touch and full of flexibility.


About why you need it

1. Individual locators can easily be damaged without protection

2. Increase the face value of the locator

3. It's waterproof, keeps the locator from getting wet


Made of high quality food grade silicone materials with SGS certificate.


We have any color of it you want.


air tage case



We have square ones and round ones, and if you want something else, you can have it custom made.



We can print the logo you gave us.



We support customized package.




Kindly Contact Us today and you will be happy you invested in the best products and services from a reputable manufacturer. 

 air tage case


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