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Case for Iphone13 is coming

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Hey, guy,I heard you bought the iphone13 Pro Max? The appearance of this mobile phone is simple and fashionable, and the texture is very good. The most remarkable thing about it is its photography function. It is equipped with a rear 1200W pixel three camera and a front 1200W pixel camera. It has all the texture of night view, portrait, wide-angle, macro and film.



If such a mobile phone is not well protected, it is definitely the most wrong thing.

So, the iPhone 13 case, it's here.



Our mobile phone case is made of first-class TPU material, which is absolutely worthy of such an excellent mobile phone. Moreover, the personalized color printing pattern can definitely make your mobile phone shine.




1. Soft texture, full of toughness, can withstand rotation without deformation.

2. Good texture, soft and smooth, not easy to slide.

3. Protruding camera protection to prevent falling and hitting the camera.



4. Excellent elasticity and shock absorption protection when falling.

5. Long service life, not easy to aging and hardening.

Welcome to customize your iPhone 13 case!


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