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Development Trend of Plastic Products Industry

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At present, the plastic products industry is in a critical period of transition from a high-speed growth area to industrial maturity and to the mid-to-high end of the industry. It has changed from high-speed growth to moderate-speed and steady growth. The plastic product industry has ushered in new development opportunities and business situations.

(1) The market space is large, and the industry will continue to grow.

With the gradual transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, the proportion of high-end products has gradually increased, the basic supporting service functions have been continuously improved, the output of plastic products has continued to grow, the market space is still large, and the output value can maintain a high growth rate. 


With the steady growth of the plastic application field, the high-end application field is gradually strengthened. It can be seen that the plastic products industry is still in an upward development stage, and the transformation and upgrading are steadily advancing. The development trend of "replacing steel with plastic" and "replacing wood with plastic" provides a broad market space for the development of the plastic products industry. In the future, with the technological progress and consumption upgrade of modified plastics, the plastic products industry will continue to grow.

(2) Sustainable development of industrial clusters.

In terms of industrial layout, East China, South China and Central China are relatively concentrated areas of China's plastic products industry, forming a number of influential industrial clusters. Under the vigorous promotion of national and local government policies, the construction of industrial clusters will focus on green, ecological, low-carbon, recycling and other implementation strategies. The whole industry chain is extended. Thereby promoting the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the plastics processing industry cluster and further enhancing the overall competitiveness of the plastics industry.


(3) Rapid promotion and application of new materials and new technologies.

In recent years, the plastic products industry has developed rapidly, and many new materials and new technologies have emerged successively. For example, the application scope of plastic modified materials, engineering plastics, plastic alloys and plastic composite materials in the fields of automobile, aircraft, high-speed rail, electronic appliances, information, medical treatment and agriculture continues to expand; electromagnetic heating energy-saving technology, aerogel thermal insulation energy-saving technology, Injection molding machine two-platen technology, plastic dynamic molding technology, co-rotating conical twin-screw technology, servo drive and control technology have greatly improved the energy-saving efficiency and production technology level of the plastics processing industry.


In addition, new molding technologies such as super-shear plasticization, power ultrasonic plasticization, and micro-lamination technology are applied to the plastic processing process, which not only improves the level of processing technology, but also effectively reduces the energy consumption in the production process. In the future, with the continuous expansion of market demand, new materials and new technologies in the plastic products industry will be further promoted and applied.


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