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Experience sharing meeting

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In order to strengthen the sales ability of the salesperson and enhance the internal learning and exchange of the company, WJM specially held an experience sharing meeting, in which the excellent salesperson of the company shared the successful experience.


What do you think a successful salesperson needs? You may say patience, confidence, eloquence. However, for salespeople, having goals is a very important thing.

With a clear goal, we will have the direction and motivation of action. In reality, the reason why some people feel bored, disgusted and lack of passion for life is that they lose the purpose of doing things.

Human life cannot be without a clear goal and direction. Goal and direction dominate the destiny and achievement of our life. It is the driving force driving our life forward. If a person does not have a clear goal in mind, he will waste his energy and life, just like a super sports car without a steering wheel. Even if he has the most powerful engine, he will eventually be a pile of scrap iron and can't play any role.


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