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Happy Halloween Celebration To All Our Employees

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Just like other celebrations and celebration seasons of the year, Halloween celebrations are usually a special time for Chinese adults and children. Many people look forward to this joy, celebration and sharing. We, at Shenzhen Weijiamei Silicone & Plastic Electronic Co., Ltd also made some preparations and arrangements for the Halloween celebration.


As an industry heavy weight with a global reputation as the number one manufacturer of high-quality case cover for iPhone, our company and staff usually work ceaselessly in ensuring that our teeming customers receive the best products from us at any time the need arises.


For this reason, holidays and another period of celebrations in our company calendar are usually left open so that our employee can have some time to spend with their loved ones, friends and family.


With regard to the Halloween celebration, all our employees were eagerly waiting to see this day come true in the company. And as a result of this eagerness to celebrate the 2020 version of the Halloween holiday in style, our employees made all kinds of costumes, mask as well as other Halloween themed clothing that will make the day a special and memorable day for them.

 Happy Halloween

Since November 1 was the day set aside for the Halloween celebration, that day was another epic day where both our employees and their families enjoyed the best of time together in merry and love.


And as an organization, we appreciate the fact that we have a team of dedicated employees who are devoted and committed to their job responsibility. For this reason, we deemed it fit that the 1st of November, which has been set aside for Halloween celebration, is left blank so that our staff, other employees as well as their family members, can all have a nice time together.


By so doing, we create the opportunity for our employees to establish bonds of friendship and team play together while in the euphoria of Halloween celebration. And as they celebrate this period together, it also creates the opportunity for our employees to be rejuvenated with newer strengths and ideas to get back to work right after the celebration.


Nevertheless, with such room for our employees to celebrate while others in the industry are also celebrating, it will therefore be easy for them to get back to work with the passion and enthusiasm to do their best in order to satisfy our teeming global customers.


And to all our loyal and prospective customers, we want to use this medium to wish you and your loved ones a happy Halloween celebration. We also want to reassure you of our commitment to be the best supplier of high-quality case cover for iPhone you can always count on anytime anywhere.


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