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How To Choose The Perfect PC Phone Casing

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Even if you handle your computer with utmost priority at your workplace or just keep it under the table, purchasing the right PC phone case matter.

At least, you want to select a PC phone case that’s the exact size for your needs and has an area for all your USB and hardware devices. But some PC phone cases suggest a lot more.

Muffled sound, lowered temperature, spacious innards, extensive water-cooling support, RGB lighting, and fancy tempered glass panels are just a little out of all.

Here's a guide to choosing a PC phone case that best suit you.

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Various sizes for PC phone cases

You need to determine your size case before putting other things into consideration. We have three main case sizes which include: Mid-tower PC phone case, full tower PC phone case, and mini ITX PC phone case.

Both the full-tower and mid-tower PC phone cases fit standard ATX microcomputer size- by far the most used computer size out there. They can also fit smaller micro ATX microcomputers.

However, the precise size differs from case to case, but most mid-towers have approximately up to 18 inches high and either 8 inches wide. The most common form factor is the mid-tower PC phone case, which has sufficient space to fit systems with a couple of graphics cards, a lot of storage, and a closed-loop CPU.

The opposite of full-tower PC phone cases is the Mini ITX cases, assembled for small mini-ITX microcomputers. Some of the PC phone cases can fit inside home theater cabinets and this is because they are extremely too small, but compatibility problems with some hardware can be generated by tight quarters.

Don’t assume to use several cooling gadgets in most mini-ITX PC phone cases. Full-length graphics cards do not support mini-ITX PC phone cases rather confirm the highest length before you purchase.

Finally, a space for extra hardware is not available in this framework, so you will be restricted to just the elementary system patterns. They are excessively slow to land area network (LAN) parties.

Structures to look out for when buying a PC phone case  

Apart from the simple sizes, buying a PC phone case is one of the major differentiators. You tend to get more bonuses as you continue to spend on your case. Here’s a breakdown of two important structures you will find in recent PC phone cases.

Tool-less design

Back in the day, everything in a PC phone case practically required a Phillips screwdriver. But not now, this design is closely worldwide in high-end cases and mid-range, with screws fastened internally and twisted on by the thumb.

Cable management

Try to find a case with cut-outs in the microcomputer tray, which will give you access to link your cable closer to your case.

On the microcomputer of a budget PC phone case, there are huge holes, while options in mid-range often include rubber perforations in the holes to make things neat.

Keeping your cabling neat, some cases such as tie-off points and wire covers are needed behind the microcomputer.

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Partner with us for a perfect PC phone casing

In need of good PC phone cases? If yes, kindly contact us now to acquire the perfect PC phone case with muffled sound, lowered temperature, spacious innards, extensive water-cooling support RGB lighting, and so on to give you the comfort you desire.

Kindly contact us for more information or to place an order, and we'll be glad to partner with you.


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