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How To Make Silicone Keyboard Cover Glue To Your Laptop

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Silicone keyboard cover is like a skin cover placed on the keyboard to protect it from dust, accidental spillage of liquid while working, It could be plastic, transparent nylon designs, etc.


Recently, tech devices had been known to be the most expensive gadgets used especially phones or laptop devices, so they have been ultimate care and protection regarding these devices.


Some other accessories that are market are also useful for the laptop although might seem too costly to affordable keyboard covers shouldn't be avoided based on the necessities.


These silicone covers are usually found in high-end devices like Mac Book Pro, and Lenovo pavilion, etc due to the cost, even though people complain about dirt and dust on the keyboard covered with silicone and they will later discover that the silicone cover didn’t stick with the keyboard.


Installing a silicone keyboard cover is quite straightforward which could you try out yourself than paying a professional to do it for you, but if you aren’t careful enough you could call on the service of a professional or someone that has done it beginning to help you out.

 Silicone keyboard cover

So below are the steps that should be followed if you want the keyboard to stick with the silicone keyboard cover.

1. Firstly, measure the size of the keyboard, various keyboard layouts are available, and for example, Mac Book Pro keyboards are slightly different from other laptops.


It will be good if you inform the vendor of the model of your laptop, so it will be easy for installation and you will get a compatible keyboard for your laptop.


2. Secondly, clean the keyboard thoroughly with a clean damp cloth, so there won’t be any dust particles on the laptop.


3. Ensure the keyboard buttons sizes are accurate with the silicone keyboard cover, if it’s too long you could trim them out.


4. If you prefer using the transparent silicone keyboard cover, the adhesive will be different from other designs, so it is better to make use of transparent glue to stick it with the laptop.


But if you’re colored silicone keyboard cover is better to use double-sided tape to stick it and also ensure that the buttons of the laptop are taped randomly and the keys from all the parts of the keyboard are used.


5. After you apply the adhesive on the surface of the silicone keyboard cover, place it gently on the top of the keyboard, and if any bubbles appear on the keyboard ensure you remove it.


6. If the cover doesn’t stay on the keyboard properly, remove it gently and place it back and lastly press the button on the keyboard to be sure if you haven't glued it too tightly.


So, if the keys are working perfectly after they had been tested with an MS word or word document and the performance is excellent, you have done a great job.


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