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Make a little progress every day

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Look at the picture below and think about how you understand it.


The truth of this picture is that if you learn more a day, you will get 37.8 a year later, and if you step back a day, you will only have 0.03 a year later. The gap between a little progress and a little retreat is more than a thousand times. So, will you choose to learn more or less every day?

As a progressive company, we advocate learning more every day. Therefore, we have been carrying out various sharing and training meetings to improve the literacy and ability of employees, so as to improve the overall level of the company. 

This week, the e-commerce operation team held a training meeting.


The theme of this training is the production of expression package.Unlike ordinary meetings, the serious and lively expression package makes this meeting full of laughter. The happy training meeting also strengthened the professional skills of operators.

Keep learning, you are the best!


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