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Materials Used To Manufacture High-quality TPU Phone Cases

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Phone Cases are perhaps the most important accessories to purchase after getting your phone. This is because of the backend protection they offer; helping your phones to last longer and retain their good function.

TPU Phone Cases are made of high-quality materials which serve as a shield for your phone. Our cases are easy to access and purchase by any smartphone user who is interested in protection for their smartphone like many others.

It is estimated that about 79 percent of smartphone users use a case for their phone and you can be one of them. Let's look at some materials used to manufacture phone cases.

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Materials Used To Manufacture Phone Cases

1. Polycarbonate Material 

This material is well-known as 'plastic' and is the most commonly purchased type of phone material. Known for its sturdiness and durability, it's well sought after by many manufacturing industries including phone case manufacturers.

Plastic cases are easy to manufacture and are also very easy to access in the market. These phone cases have many attractive advantages such as their affordability, being waterproof, durability, easy grip and lightweight qualities.

Another great quality of plastic phone cases is that they are customizable. Plastic phone cases are very easy to decorate giving you the opportunity to express your style in whatever way you want.

2. Silicone Material

This material is an extension of the plastic family and has some amazing qualities as well. After plastic phone cases, silicone is perhaps the most sought after.

 Silicone phone cases are also very affordable and come in a variety of shapes and colors. It is an excellent shock absorber; the material allows the phone cases to be tightly enclosed around the phone to properly protect it and absorb shock or impact.

Silicone is also very eco-friendly making it a safer option for phone cases than plastic. It is also customizable and can be decorated as well.

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3. Synthetic or Leather Material

These materials are of a higher quality than either plastic or silicone. Compared to other types of materials, leather has a great texture and is mostly used by large brands.

Leather cases give you a classy and stylish look and can double up as both a wallet and phone case. Leather cases can be made of synthetic plastics or original animal hides.

Although leather cases are more expensive, they have a good grip on your phone and help prevent it from slipping. Also, they are comfortable to hold for a long period of time and are easy to clean.

4. Carbon Fiber Material

This material is perhaps the rarest in the phone case market. It's mostly used in industries that deal with the production of automotive, aircrafts and turbines.

Its tolerance to high temperatures and it's ability to resist harsh chemicals makes it the best protection against damage to your phone. It is estimated that it will be more common in the future because of its amazing characteristics.

Carbon fiber cases are also light weight but very strong in nature making them a long-term investment when it comes to phone accessories. Although carbon fiber currently comes in a limited variety of colours and patterns, it is very attractive and durable.

Do you need high-quality TPU phone cases?

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