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Mini trash can, let you shake the ash in the car

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Nowadays, more and more people have cars. However, car owners sometimes find that they can't find a place to throw garbage in their cars. Especially those who smoke, often drop a lot of soot in the car, and sometimes burn the seat. Do you have such trouble?


Today, WJM recommends one thing to you. It will solve your troubles and make your driving more pleasant. That is the mini silicone trash can produced by WJM.


I believe that few people will put an inconvenient trash can in the car, because the space in the car is limited, and more things will affect the comfort. However, there are some products tailored to the vehicle and enrich the functions in the vehicle, which can add color to the interior environment. For example, this mini trash can will not make you feel occupied at all, because its size is specially designed. It is 5.98 inch high and 3.58 inch wide above and 2.56 inch wide below. It can be placed in the door groove. Of course, you can put it anywhere else.


This trash can has other features. One is that it is soft. You can squeeze it at will. It won't deform or crack at all; The other is that it feels comfortable and does no harm to human health. It is safe and reliable to use and makes you love it. Also, it's easy to clean. Just open the cover, flush it with water and dry it with a towel or paper towel.


With it, there will be no more soot or melon seed shells in the car. There is no reason not to buy such a good thing.


Please contact WJM, a professional manufacturer, to produce Mini silicone trash cans for you.


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