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Successful Certification Of WJM By The National High-Tech Enterprise

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While the numbers of manufacturers in the industry continues to grow by the day, the qualified are usually separated from the unqualified as events unfolds. How this is achieved is through service and product delivery as well as customers’ satisfaction at each business transaction.


Besides customers’ satisfaction, the National High-Tech Enterprise serves as an uncompromised watchdog regulating the activities of manufacturers in the industry. By so doing, the activities of unscrupulous manufacturers are tried and shown to be below the acceptable standards of the regulating body, especially when certification and inspection exercises are carried out.


However, for us at our case is different due to the fact that we have an unflinching determination to remain the best in the industry. And in order to maintain this position, which we have made resolute to be, we employ the best practices in the manufacturing process of our products.


Also, we are innovation-oriented, since we understand that innovation remains the one and only driving force towards the development of any establishment. By this, we do adjust our business and industrial structure in such a way that we create a room for independent innovation through research as well as maintaining such innovative steps.


It is therefore in regards to this that our company has recently been certified by the National High-Tech Enterprise. From the regulatory body, the certification is one that is well-deserving since our company has shown a high level of enthusiasm for independent innovation, which is a clear indication that we have a strong technological and scientific innovation potentials.


Evident to our high level of innovation, research and development eagerness is due to our team of staff who are also individuals who constantly seek for ways to do things differently and professionally. For this reason, our staff are constantly attending research conferences and seminars where emerging ideas and challenges among manufacturers of case for iPhone in the industry are being discussed and solutions shared.


And so, the National High-Tech Enterprise Certification didn’t come as a shock to us. This is because we already know that such certification can only be achieved through hard work, which is a product of an undying passion for innovation, research and development.

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However, with our recent certification, we shall continue to keep the fire burning, since this is like a new phase in our company. More so, we shall continue to push harder and forward in order to ensure that we provide high quality products and services to all our clients, both internationally and locally.


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