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What Are The Advantages Of Silicone Pen Holders?

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You probably need a pen holder to store and protect your valuable pen and other stationery.

However, it is best to choose pen holders made from durable, portable and environmentally friendly materials. Such pen holders are the Silicone pen holders.

In this era, the world is more concerned about reducing the environmental pollution. It is, therefore, necessary for us to use products that are made from eco-friendly materials.

Silicone pen holders have lots of advantages over plastic pen holders. It is known that plastics are toxic and non-biodegradable. In contrast, silicone materials are more favorable.

What then are the advantages of silicone pen holders? Alright, in this article, we will walk you through the advantages offered by silicone pen holders.

1. Chemically stable

Silicone pen holders are made from chemically stable silicone materials. This means that they do not degrade by reacting with chemical substances present in the environment.

Most chemical reactions take place in the presence of water or an organic solvent. The fact that silicone pen holders do not dissolve in water or any other solvent makes them chemically stable.

2. Heat Resistant

Silicone pen holders are stable to heat. They have to ability to withstand high temperatures up to 300°C. They are not also affected by low temperatures.

The thermal stability of silicone pen holders gives them high resilience, flexibility, good temperature resistance, wear resistance, and great tear strength.

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3. Alluring appearance

Silicone pen holders are designed to look attractive. They are made to have a beautiful round or square shape. Nevertheless, you may order any shape and design you want.

Silicone pen holders are customized with beautiful decorations that make them suitable to store various stationery. They are conversational starters because people will most likely ask you "what is this beautiful thing?"

4. Durable

Silicone pen holders are long-lasting. Their durability is based on their unique properties of being oil and water-resistant; chemically and thermally stable; able to withstand tension and compression; as well as being easy to clean.

If properly maintained, you can use silicone pen holders for as long as possible. This makes them cost-effective because they save the cost of regular replacement.

However, ensure that you keep your silicone pen holders away from direct sunlight. The ultraviolet radiation coming down from the sun may affect the materials if they are frequently exposed to sunlight.

5. Environmentally friendly

Many other materials contribute to environmental pollution. However, silicone materials are eco-friendly.

They are non-toxic and safe to use in the environment. They do not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer compared with plastic materials which are culprits that contribute to ozone depletion when burnt. 

The materials used for making silicone pen holders have been standardized by agencies such as SGS, FDA, LFGB, and ROHS.

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