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Which Is The Best Type Of Phone Case For Me?

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There are few things quite as satisfying as that new phone feeling! However, with our phones following us around everywhere and all the bumps and falls that can easily occur, that big new shiny screen is unlikely to remain pristine for very long without some added protection. With so many options available, understanding which phone case is best for you can be confusing. In this guide, we’ll run through everything you need to know to help you match your phone with the perfect case, giving you peace of mind whilst simultaneously showing off your unique style.


Hard Transparent Cases

Most people prefer transparent cases because they bring an extra layer of protection but don't hide your phone's design. However, silicone transparent cases tend to quickly get greasy and turn yellow.

Thus we recommend you should always look for hard transparent covers instead of soft. They are more secure and won't lose their original charm in a few months.

 phone case

Folio cases (wallets) – the safest type of covers.

It is designed to protect both the display and the back part of the phone. If using the folio case, you don’t necessarily need the screen protector. In the description of these phone cases, you can often see the word «view», which indicates that the case has a special clear window that displays time, date, and the number of the caller.
Wallet cases are easily transformable and can serve as a stand – very convenient, especially if you tend to use your phone for reading books or watching films.
The only downsides are that these cases are quite bulky and that you constantly need to open and close the top cover.


Metal Back Case Cover

A metal back cover or case is made up of metal for protection of the phone body. The metal used in these cases is generally aluminum or some other alloy. Metal may look good if it is a good one and it also offer excellent body protection but the screen is left unprotected.

Phone heating is lesser in metal cases compared to other cases because metal is a good conductor of heat and it dissipates the heat quickly to the surroundings. The main disadvantage of metal cases is that it makes your phone relatively heavy compared to other cases mentioned above. Also they can be expensive and are not available for all mobile phones or smartphones.


Plastic Back Cover

Plastic covers are one of the most commonly used and readily available covers in the market for almost all of the mobile phones. Plastic covers are hard and can be transparent or come with fancy design and looks. Plastic covers provide decent amount of protection to your phone body leaving screen as it is. They have decent fit on your phone and are not affected by temperature. You can also find plastic back cover in Matte finish.

The main concerns for plastic covers is that they can ruin the original look of your phone and they can be cracked easily once you drop your phone and therefore you will need to buy another cover. Glossy plastic covers can be very slippery and therefore they are not easy to grip.

phone cover 

Final Words

Mobile Covers are not necessary if you take very good care of your phone, but if you are a casual user then you must get a good mobile cover for your phone. You can choose any of the above mobile covers depending on your requirements and budget. If you have any more questions, please contact WJM immediately.


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